Racial Bigots Ecstatic Over Supreme Court Ruling

Martha Throebeck on Saturday, June 25, 2005

from the this-is-going-to-get-ugly dept.

"This is the best decision by the Supreme Court since Plessy v. Ferguson," says neighborhood skinhead.

White supremacists, racial bigots, and assorted members of the Good Ole Boy Network joined together to celebrate this week after the Supreme Court ruled that well-heeled rich white people can seize property from middle-class Italian-Americans living in New London, Connecticut.

The decision opens up huge new opportunities for multi-millionaire white folks to evict "undesirables" from their neighborhoods to make room for taxpayer-supported developments that will generate huge quantities of money for the new owners, enabling them to purchase the backup luxury yachts that they so desperately need.

"Sick of the black people living down the street? Just grease the plams of a few city councilmen and promise to build a million dollar something-or-other in the name of economic development," said the founder of Bob's Confederate Flag Emporium in Neckred County. "After you seize... er, acquire the property and kick the [expletives] out, then it doesn't matter whether you actually follow through on your plan. In fact, it will be better if you don't -- you'll have more money available for bribing other officials in the future."

"Segregation is back!" exclaimed the local chairman of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Fan Club #62. "This is exactly the kind of tool that the master race can use to keep low-life scum out of their neighborhoods. I have dreamed of this day for years! God bless the Supreme Court!"

Nevertheless, not all Aryans are ecstatic about the news. "This could be the death-knell for the KKK and other organizations," said one. "I mean, who needs these groups when the Supreme Court is doing all of their work for them? There's nothing left for Aryans to fight for."