Farm Bureau To Launch "Vote None Of The Above" Ad Campaign

James Baughn on Tuesday, July 30, 2002

from the one-time-when-undervotes-are-good dept.

JEFF CITY -- The Missouri Farm Bureau doesn't oppose Proposition B. But they don't support it, either. As a result, the organization has spearheaded a multi-million dollar campaign to spread their message across the state: "Vote None of the Above".

"When it comes to Prop. B, we want voters to undervote," explained Farm Bureau member Earl Etchberger. "If the proposition doesn't get any major opposition or support, then maybe our lawmakers will try again next year and produce a bill that we won't be so strongly neutral on."

The Farm Bureau will produce several thirty-second TV spots to air in the days leading up to the August 6 election. These commercials will depict crumbling roads... but will then depict members of the "concrete mafia" getting rich at the expense of poor people unable to afford yet another tax increase. An announcer will say, "There's good reasons to vote Yes on Prop. B... and good reasons to vote No. We recommend you don't do either and instead vote 'None of the Above'. Make your voice heard -- don't vote on Prop. B."

At a press conference announcing the Farm Bureau's stand of not standing for one side or the other, a spokesperson said, "The fence is a very good place to sit. If we oppose this ballot proposal, then critics will call us 'anti-safety' and 'pro-death'. But if we support this proposal, then critics will call us 'anti-poor', 'pro-tax', and 'pro-concrete-mafia'. We can't stand for that, so we're not standing for anything. Remember to vote None of the Above!"

Farm Bureau members have been encouraged to plant "Don't Vote On Prop. B" signs in their yards. One creative member in Cape Girardeau County has erected a sign which sits on his fence that says "I'm not against roads -- I'm just sick of taking it in the asphalt!" When asked to explain, he said, "I don't think I can afford another 15-Year Plan. I'm still paying taxes on the first. But then again, I did break an axle on my truck driving over a pothole when I went to have the sign painted. So my stance is to not take a stance."