Won't Somebody Please Think Of The Baseball Players?

Editorial written by James Baughn on Saturday, March 17, 2001

from the it's-the-right-thing-to-do dept.

I can't believe how callous, cruel, and insensitive Missouri taxpayers can be. The St. Louis Cardinals need our support, and we're too worried about our own self-interests to worry about them. You'd think Missourians would show more sympathy for a team filled with overworked players subsisting on a meager pittance of a salary, and forced to play in a dilapidated, substandard, obsolete stadium that could collapse at any time.

How low can we go? Isn't somebody thinking of the children of the baseball players? Isn't somebody thinking of the children of the team owners? Isn't somebody thinking of the children of the Budweiser vendors?

It's time to take a stand against penny-pinching and bean-counting. The citizens of Missouri should unite together in support of the St. Louis Cardinals and demand an end to ancient, 30 year old stadiums and subpar salaries that prevent players from affording a desperately-needed fifth luxury car.

The Cape Rock urges the Missouri General Assembly to appropriate funds to help pay for a portion of the new Cardinals stadium. Missouri taxpayers should chip in a reasonable amount -- say, 2 dollars and 53 cents -- and let the team pay for the rest.

The Cardinals need our support. Let's give them the financial support they "deserve".