Pro-Vegetarian Ads In Southeast Missouri? Huh?

Editorial written by James Baughn on Thursday, February 8, 2001

from the yeah-right-this'll-work dept.

CAPE -- What happens when a national medical group runs pro-vegetarian, anti-meat commercials on TV in a region of the country where pork steaks and barbequed ribs are considered gourmet food? You're going to get a whole lot of people rolling on the floor laughing at the antics of "them thar left-wing hippie freaks."

This is the buckle of the "Barbeque Belt". This is a region where the local livestock auction is a hot place to be. This is a place where people enjoy eating fresh roadkill. This is region where people participate in shooting matches for the chance of winning a side of beef.

So just what what was the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine thinking when they produced an ad espousing the health benefits of vegetarianism? When they targeted 10 states in the "Barbeque Belt" (including Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennesee, Indiana, and West Virginia) for this commercial, did they think about all of the farmers who raise livestock that might be none too happy about this assault on their industry?

Did they consider the segment of the population that will interpret the ad as a dare, prompting them to say, "Well, I'll show those left coast PETA freaks!" while firing up the grill?

Okay, so maybe I'm taking this a little too seriously. But the whole thing does seem rather amusing.