Neumeyer's Latest Ad Stinks of Desperation

Editorial written by Christopher Morrill on Thursday, November 2, 2000

from the oh-boy-yet-another-dubious-campaign-ad dept.

The latest ad by Democratic nominee Tom Neumeyer is quite a stinker.

Neumeyer is running against political up-and-comer Jason Crowell for the 158th District State House of Representatives seat. Crowell is heavily financed, heavily endorsed, and heavily favored. The arch-conservative Cape area simply won't elect a Democrat. Crowell will win handily in next Tuesday's election.

Neumeyer must know this, because this new advertisement is real desperate. The ad in question is currently appearing in the Southeast Missourian.

It's a checklist of accomplishments, comparing himself with Crowell.

It says:

  • City Government Experience: Neumeyer

  • Long Term Community Involvement: Neumeyer

  • Business Experience: Neumeyer

  • Married: Neumeyer

  • Children: Neumeyer

  • Tax-Paying Home Owner: Neumeyer

  • Clean Campaign Pledge: Neumeyer

I'd say that the first three points may be relevant.

The next three, though, are troublesome.

Just what the hell does "Married, children, and tax-paying homeowner" have to do with someone's qualifications for public office? Is Jason Crowell less qualified because he rents, is still single, or has not yet reproduced offspring? As a single renter with no dependents, I'm a little taken aback.

There were rumors flying around during Crowell's primary battle about his residence status, which is a common ploy in an election year. Neumeyer may be trying to play on that.

But marriage and kids? What does that matter?

Just what is Tom Neumeyer trying to say?

Think about the implications and possible innuendo there, and you have a bounty of possibilities.

I don't even live in the 158th District. The main reason I take an interest in this race at all is strictly personal; I served with Crowell on the Student Government at SEMO in the early 1990's. He was heavily involved in the College Republicans, and I had an off-and-on relationship with them as well.

I recall Jason generally as a pompous, remarkably over-motivated glory hound who never questioned the Republican party line. That probably hasn't changed much. (He probably recalls me as an insufferable eccentric who never came to Student Senate meetings before first getting "warmed up" at the Playdium, and who oftentimes voted simply for entertainment value. So I guess it's even.)

When (not if, but when) he decides to run for a higher office, I may just have to go out and get my name on the ballot as the token Libertarian candidate. Just to annoy him. Heaven knows I love a good laugh.

That being said, though, Neumeyer's ad still goes too far.

Crowell, despite some drawbacks, should be judged on his merits. Whether or not he is a smart cookie doesn't depend a lick on whether he rents or owns, is single or married, has rug rats, or whatever else Neumeyer is trying to hint at.

I do kind of hope the Republicans don't forget this advertisement when it comes time for Mr. Neumeyer's next run for city council, though. Payback is a bitch.