Carnahan's Final Campaign Stop

Announcement posted by Christopher Morrill on Wednesday, October 18, 2000

from the not-a-good-day-for-missouri dept.

The Cape Rock would like to express it's regrets and condolences over the death of Missouri governor Mel Carnahan, his son Randy, and campaign advisor Chris Sifford (a native of Puxico).

This is not breaking news to anyone, unless you live in a cave. As you all know by now, the governor's small plane crashed in rural Jefferson county en route to a political rally in New Madrid Monday night, October 16th, 2000. There were no survivors. Seldom-seen Lieutenant Governor Roger B. Wilson, also a Democrat, has already assumed the short remainder of Carnahan's term.

The untimely and shocking death of our governor is the biggest political story to hit Missouri since perhaps Harry Truman's ascension to the presidency in 1945. Rarely does a state's political scene change so suddenly, literally overnight. For this to also happen in the middle of an election year while Carnahan was locked in a heated race for U.S. Senate only enhances the tragedy. We commend the governor's bitter foe, Senator John Ashcroft, for his gracious response to this incident. Not to mention his immediate suspension of all campaign activities out of respect for the deceased.

Make no mistake: we have disagreed with Mel Carnahan's politics in the past, sometimes vehemently. But this incident supersedes politics. By all accounts, Mel Carnahan was a scandal-free, rather nice fellow. We share the grief of the rest of the state in this matter and wish our best to Carnahan's family, friends and associates.