Hey, Jim Drury: Nobody Cares!

Martha Throebeck on Sunday, August 6, 2000

from the isn't-city-politics-fun? dept.

"You can't fight City Hall -- or Academic Hall," says local resident.

CAPE GIRARDEAU -- Local property mogul Jim Drury continues to shell out big bucks to pay for full-page ads in the Southeast Missourian. And while he has made valid arguments against the college's River Campus and the city's proposed transporation tax extension, nobody really cares anymore.

That giant crinkling sound you heard this morning was the combined result of every single reader of the Missourian flipping past his two-page advertorial. Local residents were much more interested in "Speak Out", the comics, and looking at the campaign ads to decide which of the candidates for the 158th district seat is the lesser of four evils.

Explained one apathetic reader we interviewed, "Okay, so the college went ahead with the River Campus boondoogle even though the outcome of the election was dubious. And okay, so maybe the projects funded by the city transportation tax haven't met expectations. It doesn't really matter. You can't fight City Hall -- or Academic Hall. So who cares?"

Another city resident observed, "Jim Drury might be the most powerful businessman in town, but that isn't enough to challenge the university. If they want to build a new campus for performing arts in a town that is completely indifferent to performing arts, well, no amount of newsprint is going to stop them."