Letter Writing Campaign Bombards WDKA Channel 49

Martha Throebeck on Friday, April 7, 2000

from the the-show's-dead-jim dept.

CAPE GIRARDEAU -- When Channel 49 changed network affiliations from UPN to WB last week, not very many people noticed. This was largely due to the fact that only two people within Cape Girardeau are able to receive the channel using rabbit ears. However, those two viewers are now up in arms about the changeover, demanding that the station bring back Star Trek: Voyager.

"I've had it with the local TV stations," one of the former WDKA-49 viewers (and self-proclaimed Trekkie) exclaimed. "When Voyager first came out, it was only aired on Channel 3 during Saturday afternoons, assuming it wasn't pre-empted by sports. At least Channel 49 started airing it at a better time, but I had to play with my TV's antennae for five minutes in order to get a somewhat viewable picture. And now look what they've done! It's not shown anymore. I'm fed up with the local anti-Trek sentiment and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

The two WDKA viewers have already mailed in numerous letters. They plan on protesting in front of the channel's corporate offices as soon as they find out where that is exactly. "We're not gonna rest until this is settled. Now excuse me, I've got to run off a bunch of anti-WB pamphlets to flood this town with."