The Cape Rock Is Now Online

Announcement posted by James Baughn on Saturday, April 1, 2000

from the low-budget-low-bull dept.

Welcome to Southeast Missouri's latest publication. Kick back, grab a beer, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy your stay. After visiting The Cape Rock you'll never look at the local offline media outlets the same way again.

As our About page states, The Cape Rock is an unofficial, alternative, low-budget, low-bull, non-commercial publication. That combined with our Official Editorial Policy ("We print what we feel like printing") pretty much sums up the essence of this site.

We hope you enjoy your stay here and come back often. Please link to us from your homepage and tell your friends. Most importantly, our inbox is open for your suggestions, comments, questions, and above all, your own articles or stories that you would like to see published here. Oh, and don't forget to sign the guestbook.

The Cape Rock is open for business. Let's have some fun.

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